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Biomechanics of Living Cells

Are you interested in research at the interface of biology and mechanics?


The coordinated functioning of tissues arises from the interaction among living cells. We study the mechanical signals that govern cell-matrix and cell-cell interactions, mediated by cell-generated forces, extracellular matrix mechanics, and mechanical interaction between cells. On a more applicative level, we aim to provide mechanical tools to direct, control and manipulate cell behaviour toward defined tissue patterns and regulation of disease states.

Latest Publications

Micropatterning the organization of multicellular structures in 3D biological hydrogels; insights into collective cellular mechanical interactions

We present a robust and accessible 'peel-off' method to micropattern large arrays of individual cells or cell-clusters of precise sizes in biological 3D hydrogels, such as fibrin and collagen gels, with control over cell–cell separation distance and neighboring cells position.

Our Team

News & Updates

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