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The Team


Prof. Ayelet Lesman

Principal Investigator 

Heading the Biomechanics of Living Cells Lab in the School for Mechanical Engineering, Tel Aviv University.


Dr. Oren Tchaicheeyan

Lab manager

Working on computational research such as DVC analysis, as well as experimental methodology such as rheometry and mechanical tests.

Dr. Yaniv Shlosberg

Postdoctoral Scholar

In my studies, I develop bio-fuel cells (BECs) which generate clean electricity from mammalian cells and tissues. 

I apply electrochemical and spectroscopic methods to study the mechanism of the electron transport between the cells and the electrodes to improve the efficiency of the bio-electricity generation.


Shahar Goren

Ph.D Research Student

I am doing my Ph.D. in the faculty of chemistry, studying the nonlinear and anisotropic properties of fibrous biomaterials, incorporating simulations, experiments in optical tweezers and confocal microscopy.


Yoni Koren

Ph.D Research Student

During my Ph.D studies I investigate the mechanism of growth in plant roots, using Finite-Element modelling and live experiments, accounting for the roots mechanosensing abilities to detect obstacles and grow efficiently in the soil.

Bar Ergaz

Ph.D Research Student

As part of my Ph.D studies, I study the mechanical interaction between cells using a novel micropatterning platform that allows generating large arrays of single cells or cell-spheroids in 3D biological hydrogels.

Nurit Bar-Shai

Ph.D Research Student

Ph.D student, in collaboration with the Golberg environmental engineering lab. My research looks into polysaccharides derived from seaweeds, to grow mammalian cells for tissue culture engineering technologies.


Ran Glinowiecki

M.Sc. Research Student

As a part of my M.Sc. research I am using final element analysis and rheology experiment on bio-synthetic materials to study the effect of cell-cell interactions on the global properties of tissue-like materials.


Ran Sopher, Ph.D
David Gomez, Ph.D
Sari Natan, Ph.D
Mirit Sharabi, Ph.D
Heftsi Ragones, Ph.D
Naama Gal, Ph.D

Avior Exsol
Ortal Shelah
Avraham Kolel
Amots Mann
Avishy Roitblat
Viki Lepsky Raz
Noga Kalish
Hanan Tokash
Oren Shabi
Hila Rushkin
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